The Clock, The Wedding, and The Promise

It's an unusual feeling to be in the final stretch. As I sit on my couch queuing up emails to automatically send first thing in the morning, I want to share a few thoughts that recently occurred to me:

An Entrepreneur's Clock

You know you're an entrepreneur when it's 1:00am on a Friday morning and you wish it were Monday night. After all, no matter how many e-mails are sent, regardless of the fact that we've already received more than twice the number of invite requests to the Preview Event than capacity would allow, there is always more to do.  

The Wedding

Years ago at my sister's wedding, I overheard my father speaking with a friend.  "It's not fair," he said, "you plan so much and for so long, and before you know it the night is over." Undoubtedly, the Collaborate Preview Event isn't as significant to anyone's life as a wedding, but it does mean a lot to the many people who have worked hard to bring this event to reality.

A group of great people including Frank Taylor, Brad Herrup, Ryland Greenhouse, Karen Gordon, Mickin Sahni, Jason Nellis, and the diligent employees of Brave UX, Allison PR, and countless other partners (Verizon, ABC7/WJLA, and others) have come together to ensure the Preview Event is fantastic. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

The Promise

There are few things I dislike in life more than telling deserving people "no."  Yet, in the next few days, several hundred people will receive an e-mail from a Fosterly team member indicating that they are either on a wait list for the Preview Event or that they unfortunately weren't selected to attend.

It's not easy to say no, and when we do, Fosterly wants to do what we can (even more so than usual) to go out of our way to help you.  If you receive such an email, e-mail me personally at with a problem you’re facing or a question you're having trouble answering. Fosterly will do our best to help you out, and I personally guarantee that you'll have a spot at the proverbial table in January if you would like to join us.

By Adam Zuckerman


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