How To Use Visual Content To Engage Your Audience

The world is filled with noise.  It’s all around us and each day we are inundated with it from the moment we wake up and so at end of the day one can only recall a fraction of that information.

The same holds true for your audience.  No matter what you're trying to convey; be it your brand, your product or generating leads you have to offer something that is memorable and easy to understand.

Our brains can really only process so much information, so the data that can be processed faster than the rest will always take precedence. What type of information is the easiest to digest by our brains? They're called visual cues.  Humans are visual beings and over tens of thousands of years our brains have been trained to consume everything in the same manner.

Visual images make for better content. Don't believe me?  Take a quick moment and remember the last memorable thought you can recall.  Was it a sentence or an image? 9 out of 10 times, your brain will retrieve a visual representation of what you remember, rather than a textual one.


So why do most of us continue to present content in a non-visual manner?  The reality is typing a few lines is much faster than creating a graphic or finding an image that represents it.  Although true, it doesn't mean we can't pick and choose the most important components of our messages and translate them to our audience in a visual manner.  

For example, the next time you create a presentation, try limiting your content on each slide to just a few short points. Rather than filling up your slide with text;  use one maybe two visual cues to support your slide. Of course, if you are presenting in person, take advantage of situations that present themselves to use your self and gestures as a means to drive your message.   

Traditionally, you had to hire a designer to create even the simplest form of visual content. Fortunately in just the last few years cloud based tools such as Visme (which I founded) allow users to more easily tap into their creative side by giving them a platform to visualize their ideas.  

So the next time you want to connect with your audience, consider the importance of visual elements into your presentation.

Payman Taei is the Founder of Visme, coined the "Swiss Knife of Visual Content," empowering anyone to easily translate their ideas into Presentations and infographics.  He's also the Founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning web consulting company he founded back in 2002.  

By Payman Taei


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