Washington, D.C.: The New Hub For Entrepreneurship

Washington, D.C. seems best known these days for dysfunctional politics. But soon, it may have a new, more positive reputation: as an incubator for entrepreneurs and innovative startups.

If that sounds far-fetched, just consider that the Virginia suburbs of Washington have already earned a Silicon Valley-like title: the Dulles Corridor. The area is now a hot spot for hi-tech internet and telecommunications companies. And in Washington itself, you don't have to go far for signs of a new startup scene on the rise.

"If I go to Café Dupont in the The Dupont Circle Hotel, I’ll probably see at least one venture capitalist having breakfast with an entrepreneur," says Peter Corbett, founder of iStrategyLabs and leader of D.C. Tech Meetup and Digital Capital Week in an article by Sarah Max.

It's not the first time entrepreneurs have flocked to Washington. In the 1990s, the presence of AOL and others made DC one of the centers of the dot com boom. But that boom busted, and things turned particularly dim for the startup world during the financial crisis that began in the mid-2000’s.

Now, entrepreneurs and startups, like LivingSocial, are coming back. Jonathon Perrelli, director of Fortify Ventures, says one reason they're in Washington is that many of today’s startup CEOs and founders are people who've recently left jobs in the federal government. They're starting companies that promise innovations in security, education and healthcare, and you can find them gathering at special events and meetups all over DC now.

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