Saturday, Jan 24

10:30am - 11:15am
4pm - 4:45pm

Hemisphere A

You’ve watched shows like Shark Tank, and you know how they go. Someone with a great idea gets it torn apart by a bunch of self-made millionaires, who then wrangle with one another until there’s either a deal on the table or a depressed entrepreneur.

It makes for good television, but is it helpful to startups? Of course not. Fortunately, there’s a better way - the Dolphin Tank.

Unlike Shark Tank, the Dolphin Tank encourages you to share your ideas without the fear that your audience will tear you to shreds. Give us a brief two minute elevator pitch in front of four panelists and a live audience. After you finish, you’ll have the immediate benefit of receiving feedback to help improve your pitch. It’s a lot less pain, and a lot more beneficial!

Dolphin Tank is presented in collaboration with Springboard Enterprises®.  

Participants of Dolphin Tank will have an opportunity to receive:

  • Branding and marketing strategy session with Overachiever Media
  • Public relations strategy session with Allison & Partners 
  • Speek business account (one year)
  • Basalmiq access (six months)
  • Business membership to Digital District events (six months)
  • UX/UI review session with BraveUX
  • VC/Finance strategy session with John Backus of New Atlantic Ventures
  • 250 stickers from
  • 2 tickets to
  • And more...

Learn more via the fact sheet:

Application for Dolphin Tank 

You must have purchased at least a General Attendee Ticket to apply  to participate in Dolphin Tank.

There is no additional charge for participating.

  Applications are closed.