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Forums at Collaborate will consist of a fireside-style interactive conversation among a panel of subject-matter experts from three different industries. Attendees will take part in discussion and questions with this panel along with many other fellow Collaborators. Leave with your brain and notebook full of something new.


The Global Economy: Opportunities in International Commerce

In a rapidly globalizing economy, new opportunities are created daily. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in 2013 the combined gross domestic product (GDP) of emerging and developing countries reached $44.4 trillion, $1.6 trillion more than the GDP of developed countries. This panel will explore the changing landscape of international commerce and discuss strategies for generating business abroad.

Alan Beard, Managing Director, EXWORKS Capital 
Carl Shephard, President and CEO, CNS Global Advisors
Michael Lee, VP of Marketing and Business Development, AliBaba

Education, Immigration, and the changing global economy

While technology's impact on globalization has connected the world in unprecedented ways, progress is not easy and international competition is fierce. New ideas in comprehensive immigration reform, an ever evolving education landscape, and a changing venture capital environment has increased the speed of education. Tomorrow is here today, and the future will yield impressive progress and unique challenges.

David Drake, Chairman, Victoria Global
Lisa Conn,National Organizing Director,
Xavier Hughes, Chief Innovation Officer, U.S. Department of Labor

Toward a more inclusive and representative technology community

Women and minorities have historically been underrepresented in tech. Acknowledgment of this problem, however, is becoming wide spread and strong efforts are being put forth to rectify it. In this Forum, the White House's Erie Meyer, the SBA's Erin Andrew, and Aliya Rahman from Code for Progress will discuss challenges facing women and minorities in technology as well as the benefits of a more inclusive environment.

Erin Andrew, Assistant Administrator, US Small Business Association 
Erie Meyer, Founding Member, US Digital Service
Aliya Rahman, Code for America 


Powering Defense - Finding and funding national security innovation

Many of the industries that have driven growth in the US since 1945 -- including GPS, the Internet, semiconductors, voice recognition, big data analysis and advanced biomechanics -- were founded by commercializing technology from national security agencies. Attend this forum and learn about opportunities in the space and how new models of finding and funding national security innovation will impact you, the nation, and the world.

Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director, Amplifier Ventures
Dan Doney, Chief Innovation Officer, U.S. Defense Intelligence 

Innovate or Die: Reshape organizations though innovation initiatives

Chief Innovation Officers and Chief Information Officers often work in partnership to drive and implement new programs and initiatives within organizations. This forum will focus on best in class examples of what to do (as well as what to avoid) as envelope pushing change initiatives are formulated, championed, implemented, and rated.

Sonny Hashmi, Chief Information Officer, General Services Administration
Dr. David Bray, Chief Information Officer, Federal Communications Commission
Daniel Hoffman, Chief Information Officer, Montgomery County, MD

Leveraging technology to engage FOREIGN AUDIENCES

While technological advancement has unambiguously correlated with globalization, such advancement has created opportunities for developing nations to prosper. However, in doing so, unique opportunities and challenges arise ranging from education, distribution, and societal norms. This panel will focus on lessons learned, best practices and how the landscape will change in to the future.

Aaron Sherinian, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, United Nations Foundation
Chris Wegrzyn, CTO and Co-Founder, BlueLabs
Tom Cochran, Deputy Coordinator for Platforms, US State Department



How to drive innovation inside a large bureaucracy. 18F, challenges, competitions, and new approaches in government.

While government is often characterized as being slow moving and highly bureaucratic as compared to the private sector, you might be surprised at what you find. This panel will provide insight as to how innovation leaders at state and federal levels are changing how government is no longer business as usual.

Greg Godbout, Executive Director, 18F, U.S. General Services Administration
Jenn Gustetic, Assistant Director of Open Innovation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Mike Powell, CIO, State of Maryland


Empowering international engagement with technology

Globalization is occurring at an unprecedented rate, in no small part, due to the rapid adoption of innovative technologies. How do we make these transformative technologies more accessible and use them to drive a more connected and cooperative global marketplace? Join the new Executive Director of USAID's Global Development Lab, Ann Mei Chang, as she explores this opportunity with other leading innovators.

Ann Mei Chang, Executive Director, USAID, U.S. Global Development Lab
Alla Jezmir, Board Chair, EGG-energy

A Hard Road to Success and The Toll Of Entrepreneurship

Starting a business can be a harrowing experience. Often, founders forgo a steady paycheck and benefits in search of freedom and success. There is a common misperception that founders and CEOs enjoy ultimate freedom and power. The truth is, founders are accountable their family, employees, investors, and customers among many others. Managing competing priorities with professional and personal responsibilities can be extremely challenging. This Forum will discuss real life examples of the toll entrepreneurship can take, while exploring the countless hurdles three successful CEO's have overcome to create high growth companies and how they did it.

DP Venkatesh, CEO, mPortal, Inc.
Tien Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Tech 200 and appnetic
Shawn Nelson, Founder & Chairman, Lovesac



The Highway Trust Fund runs out in May. But how many people appreciate the gravity of that statement? Startups are using technology to leverage data that helps us understand where our transportation dollars come from, where they go, and why it matters.

Lane Becker, Director of Products and Startups, Code for America
Dag Gogue, Founder & CEO, Transit Labs
Darnell Grisby, Director of Policy Development and Research, American Public Transportation Association

Translating Ideas into Technology: How non-technical experts can contribute to technical product development

We're willing to bet that you or one of your friends can recall the scene from the movie Office Space where Tom Smykowski goes on a rant about speaking to the engineers so the customers wouldn't have to. Comedic in nature, there is some truth to the notion that non-technical individuals can experience frustrations when communicating with people with technical backgrounds and vice versa. This forum will help provide insight, based on experience, of how to improve intra-team relations for maximum impact.

Josh Wexler, Director, Originate
Art Chang, Founder and CEO, Tipping Point Partners, LLC
Elatia Abate, Entrepreneur and Coach

Designing Technology For Commercial & Societal Impact

Every endeavor, whether it is an initiative or a product, should recognize the power and financial implications of exceptional design. This panel will examine and spotlight some of the most cutting edge and forward thing programs from Google X, the government, and elsewhere.

Lynn Overman, Deputy Chief Data Officer, US Department of Commerce
Jordan DeVries, Director of User Experiences, BraveUX


Grooming the next generation of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur recently reported that the average entrepreneur is 40 when they launch their startup, people over 55 are twice as likely as people under 35 to launch a high-growth startup and the average age of a successful startup with over $1 million in revenues was 39. Inasmuch, it may come as no surprise that age was less of a driver to entrepreneurial success than previous startup and industry experience. This panel will spotlight best in class resources for the next generation of entrepreneurs and the resources they'll need to succeed.

Jack Bienko, Deputy for Entrepreneurship Education, US Small Business Administration
Adrian Uribarri, Esquire Mentoring Initiative, Hearst Publications
Read Holman, Senior Advisor on Internal Entrepreneurship, US Department of Health and Human Services

The policy of entrepreneurship and innovation

Policy has been described as the foundation upon which the economic and innovation engine sits. This forum will focus on current and future trends that will impact business at hyper local, national and international levels.

Michael Hayes, Manager, Governement Affairs, Consumer Electronics Association
Julie Kirk, Director, Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, US Department of Commerce

The hockey stick experience: achieving rapid growth and how to handle it

Staying fresh and relevant, especially technology companies, can be challenging in today’s global business environment. This panel will discuss strategic, innovative ways to build your business, enter new markets, and form effective relationships to acheive and sustain rapid growth.

Toby Moore, CEO, Optoro
Joey Neal, VP Digital Products, Makerbot