Press Secretary and Senior Advisor, NASA

Lauren Worley is Press Secretary and Senior Advisor at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In this role, Lauren collaborates with NASA leaders across ten centers, scientists, researchers, journalists, space exploration advocates, policy makers and other dreamers around the world, sharing President Obama's vision for NASA – to explore farther into our universe than ever before and improve life here on Earth.


From 2007 to 2009, she served as Chief of Staff to Former Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, who also was the Director of the Ohio Department of Development. Recently she was the President and CEO of Energy@Work Strategies + Solutions, a business development firm focused on growing advanced energy companies and initiatives in Ohio. 

Worley has also been the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Fisher for U.S. Senate Campaign, Communications Director for the Ohio Association for Justice, a legislative and policy aide in the Ohio Senate, and Communications Director for the Ohio Democratic Party. 

Worley earned a degree in Newspaper Journalism from Kent State University. She is a volunteer with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio and a board member for Kent State University's Alumni Association Washington DC Chapter. She is a Star Wars devotee, loves bicycling and bacon, and she tweets about space and science @SpaceLauren.